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a war image of a great general  with a water heater on the back of his wagon looking over

Why are all the good things in Longmont!

You are here for Boulder Water Heaters, but if you want a local Water Heater Provider you should go to Longmont.  Home of all the cool things Boulder doesn't have like LONGMONT WATER HEATERS!

Call Today 970-389-2285

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All About Boulder Water Heaters

Boulder Water Heaters doesn't actually exist.  Just like the fact that there is no way Zendaya will come over to your house to work on your water heater.  These are just a bunch of AI generated photos to send you to Longmont, and Mike @ Longmont Water Heaters.  He looks nothing like Zendaya, but his arm and hands are not messed up, so there is that.

can you make the image of America's favorite dad and his son and dog working on the family...ted.jpg

Hours of Operation

Open for Business

Call or Text 24/7 if Mike is sleeping, he won't answer. 970-389-2285

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Free Phone Consultation

No Risk to Call

Did you know Kristen Schaal is from Longmont?  She doesn't work here, this is just another AI photo.  But Mike the Water Heater Guy is from Longmont, so call today to talk water heaters.

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